Why the GWT?
In today’s economic environment it is essential to take advantage of every possibility that can make our work cheaper and more economical in order for our business to survive. Our company has developed a new family of dispensers which make the control of refuelling at your establishment possible. It can stop occasional abuses and offers

-huge savings due to its accuracy
-user friendly hardware and software
-pin number based system for perfect security.
Our set ensures precise and controlled driver refuelling without operating staff every single time. It also reduces administration which is essential in order to get an overall picture of refuelling, average consumption, vehicle costs.

hitelesítésFelhívjuk kedves vásárlóink figyelmét, hogy a jelenlegi jogszabályi előírások nem teszik kötelezővé a kimérő szerkezet hitelesítését, ezért a termékeinket beállítva (bekalibrálva) értékesítjük és szállítjuk, de mérési pontosságuk alapján nem lenne akadálya a hitelesítésnek! The GWT dispenser family is manufactured in Hungary using Swiss components (FMT). Our customers can choose the language of the user interface. Available languages are Hungarian and English.

Why GWT?
Because we have 22 years of experience
Because we have kept the same phone number for 20 years – you never have to worry about reaching us
Because we are using the latest technology
Because the final invoice is always the same as the quoted price
Because it is safe like a credit card
Because our references are real companies
Because we have been shipping our products to six countries


...and because we want to be the best !